Anyone who knows me well, knows that I wouldn't be the man I am without an intelligent faith in God.  Many well-known Christian leaders are hucksters who monetize all things religious and make intelligent faith seem non-existent.  In many respects, I cannot deny many claims made by my Atheist and Agnostic friends!  

However, it has been an aim of mine to present a different faith.  An intelligent faith.  One in which we don't have to check our brains at the door.  This page is dedicated to that continual journey I am on.  You will find videos, audio, documents, books and more as I learn.  As I grow and learn, this page will be my outlet to share.  It is intended to not only encourage those who believe in God, but also regain the confidence of many rightly offended and disappointed Atheists, Agnostics, and former believers.

Here’s the latest sermons from my week of prayer at my home church in North Carolina.
— Titled: Teach Us To Pray

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