Usually, when I consider a book, I enjoy the snippets that Amazon allows you to go through, the front and back cover summaries, and some overall background on the author.  The foreword and author's notes in this grabbed me immediately and I downloaded it.  Just getting wet with his ideas, but I'll definitely be reporting on the stuff this guy is laying down and it's so well written.  The title seems slightly generic, but the way its written just takes the joy of reading to the next level.

Nearly finished with this book and love about 95% of it.  There are some aspects I am still grappling with like the idea that obesity is not necessarily a sign of increased mortality or strategies to get your kids to eat healthier foods.  However, the good stuff, is really good.  Great scientific studies referenced, her own research in Minnesota at the Eating Lab, and the slamming of the diet industry giants such as weigh watchers.  


When I took my creativity class during my masters, this book was part of the required reading.  I wrote about it a little bit and did a quick presentation, but felt like I couldn't really digest everything.  This is a super short book, but deeply insightful.  Wanting to explore your creative side? Pick it up...


Per one of my interns, I picked up this book, super skeptical of anything with a title like this.  I am only ankle deep into it, but so far pretty authentic and not too salesy.  I'll keep you posted on this as well.  It seems heavily driven toward email marketing. 


I get recommendations for books all time from various sources.  I have always believed that inspiration and ideas can be made fresh by reading a book one would not normally pickup.  I am sucker for scientific insight into human behavior, business strategy, or spiritual books and so this is a read off the beaten path.  Yet, I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of this book.  Will post some things on my blog about it very soon.


Whether you are in the film animation industry or not, this book is a clear inspiration.  It is filled with practical ideas and concepts for your personal life as well as your professional life.  If you are a creative, and I guess I self-diagnose myself as one, then you will definitely love this book.  Well written.  To the point.  Enormously insightful.

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