I want it to matter that I lived.  I want the world to be better because I lived in it.  This is my ambition.  Thus, while I am humbled by the impact that my speaking, counseling, writing and training has had upon others, in the trenches is more me than anything else.  A project I am extremely excited about is Senses.  A special needs orphanage based in Dubai, UAE.  Through my non-profit organization R3, we were able to do a web refresh and produce some videos to tell the world about this amazing place, filled with amazing children and staff to hopefully meet their amazing needs. Below are some of the videos I helped direct and produce. Enjoy!

More info: www.sensescentre.org  We'll be launching their new website soon!

The Story.  The video walks us through how this orphanage began in the heart of 'Mama Nadia,' and the generosity of Sheikh Mohammed

The Work.  This video shows the holistic approach taken to helping, developing, and loving these children.

The Call.  This video shows the multi-faceted needs your donation would go to help.

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