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Fellow Traveler!  Life is indeed quite the journey huh? This website has been a journey within itself as well.  Much like life, it was fraught with obstacles, confusion, joy, laughter, anxiety, and hope.  I am excited to have a central place to share my passions for speaking, writing, reading, life, family, and health.  You'll notice  a few critical elements worth noticing:

Man Up!:  This will serve as my blog. This will be a hub for all my activity and updates.  Information will first come here!  I am anticipating the launch of a podcast, how to videos, and much more!  As we go, you'll understand more and more why I gave it this title ;)

Reading List: This will highlight several books I have read or are currently reading.  I believe that Leaders are readers.  But it is not enough just to read, but to read quality material.  That's my hope with this 'book blog' !

Speaker Request: Pretty self-explanatory right? I know this will help keep email communication to a minimum and make the process much smoother.

Speaking Calendar:  Another self-evident name ;)  This is to help those who often ask where I am at various times of the year!  

Media: This will showcase the diverse range of topics and style of my presentations!  There will be other media such as mini-documentaries and creative media.

More Than Making Money.  While I may speak, train, teach and beyond to make a living, life is definitely about much more than that.  This page really captures projects and passions of mine that will make a difference in someone else's life.  Exciting stuff here!

Life Coaching. Over the years, some young and some not so young friends and acquaintances have sought my advice or mentorship, this will help me do it in a more organized fashion!

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